We exists in the nordics and china

We arrange startup events in China and the Nordic countries

In gatherings mixing business hubs and investors with entrepreneurs and students

In order to lower barriers and increase the flow of information and resources between our two regions.

We exists in the nordics and china

We are a non-profit, community-run organisation led by Nordic and Chinese entrepreneurs and students

In close cooperation with Nordic and Chinese startup communities and government agencies.

We exists in the nordics and china
We exists in the nordics and china


  • NCSF founder, Head of China Affairs Dragon Gate & Uppsala University Student

Juan Carlos Mauritz

Chair & CEO

  • Managing Director Sports Republic, Stockholm University Student

Nick Andersson

Vice Chair

  • Royal Institute of Technology student

August Jeirud

COO & Stockholm Head

  • Reetta Sairanen

Reetta Sairanen

Board Representive of Finland

  • student

Jacob Norregaard Krogh-Jensen

Board Representive of Denmark

  • student

Dapeng Lan

Head of Group Oslo & Board Representative of Norway

  • ***

Jaclyn Guan

Beijing Head

  • Fudan University Student & Entrepreneur

Alexander Anserud

Shanghai Head

  • Hong Kong University student

Melker Forssell

Greater Bay Area Head

  • Uppsala University Student

Joakim Eklund

Uppsala Head

  • Lund University Student

Freda Liang

Oresund Head

Yue Huang

Social Media

  • .

Julie Yu

International Liaison

  • Reach out to

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Our Supporters & Advise

  • -

Ulf Ekberg

Founder Ace of Base & G2020 Advisers Nordics President

  • -

Lisa Lindström

Owner Doberman Group & Swedish Government Innovation Councillor

  • -

Thomas Sonnesson

Founder Gallerix & Uppsala Business Angels

  • -

Olle Larsson

Founder Sisyfos Group & Owner Dragon Gate

  • -

Monica Hedberg

Director & Investor Uppsala Innovation Center

  • -

Maria Berghäll

CEO & Co-founder Piece of Value & European Champion in Youth Entrepreneurship

  • -

Alberto Corti

Head of Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship Ventures

  • -

Ailin Wang

Vice President ChainX

  • -

Jacob Lovén

Head of Innovation OMD & Co-founder Digital Dragon

  • -

Mala Chackraborti

Senior Adviser Ericsson Garage

  • -

Adam Hofmann

President Hofmann & Palmlov

  • -

Love Dager

Head of Slush Sweden & Co-founder Bloxpo

Country Coordinating Partner

  • .

Ulf Borbos

Head of SME2GO Swedish Incubators & Science Parks

  • .

Daniel Ras-Vidal

Head of Innovation Abelia Norway

  • .

Matti Herlevi

Head of SME2GO Posintra Oy Finland

  • .
  • .
  • .


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