The Nordic-China High-Tech Week is an annual event in six Nordic and three Chinese cities. Powered by the China Technology Market Association and Nordic Apiary, TWENTY finalists will go to tech hubs in Beijing and Shenzhen on a tailored trip to engage with local business partners.


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We exists in the nordics and china

We arrange startup events in China and the Nordic countries

In gatherings mixing business hubs and investors with entrepreneurs and students

In order to lower barriers and increase the flow of information and resources between our two regions.

We exists in the nordics and china

We are a non-profit, community-run organisation led by Nordic and Chinese entrepreneurs and students

In close cooperation with Nordic and Chinese startup communities and government agencies.

We exists in the nordics and china
We exists in the nordics and china


Do you want to cooperate or work with us? Learn more about our events or join our team? Maybe start a NCSF group in your city? Please contact us at:

If you are looking to connect directly in Stockholm, Uppsala, Oslo, Lund, Oresund, Helsinki, Shenzhen-Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Beijing Please contact one of our focal points